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from the Editor

                                    by: Ben petersen, plS

        Editor’s Note: My “editors Message”  collaborations and connections. For  State surveyor magazine is now back
        below was written back in July, pre-  the most part remote just works. en-  on  track  and  should  stay  there.  The
        delta variant, when it seemed like we  ergy, attitude and personality cannot  pandemic-induced hiatus is over.
        were going to get the upper hand on  be remoted through even the best  We’ve got some catching up to do
        this virus. But here we are. We’ll beat  fiber-optic  lines.  Well  actually  the  so it’s a big issue. I put out a call for
        this eventually but for now I’m back  Zoom happy hours weren’t too bad;  articles and pictures and was over-
        to soft pants and letting my July op-  but I had to buy my own drinks. As the   whelmed. I’m glad I am finally able to
        timism stand.                        anxiety and fears of last year slowly re-  publish them. Keep it up. Thank you to
           arly in the pandemic I received   treat and life gets a little safer, dare we   everyone that contributed.
        ea compliment I never thought I      say normal? I look forward to getting   On a side note, my apologies to Jim
        would hear: “nice mask.” And so it be-  back together, in-person, hugging   McLefresh. The photo of him which
        gan. Face masks were weird to begin   some people. I miss leaving the house   accompanied his article in the last
        with but became, amazingly, a can-   without worry … and I am just so re-
        vass of creativity.  never in a million   lieved (no pun intended) that our sur-  issue was a photo of … well, who
        years could I have imagined going up   vey field crews can now find available  knows what FBI office wall we got
        to a bank teller wearing a mask and   rest rooms. I think it also appropriate  that from. I had never met Jim so I
        ask for money.                       here to say “Thank You” to all the cou-  didn’t know it wasn’t him. I couldn’t
                                             rageous  essential  workers  who  were  convince him to try look like that pic-
          Remember  how we  used  to be      and remain out in the world risking  ture, to help me save face, (hell yeah,
        warned to stay away from negative    their health so we could buy grocer-  you could grow that mustache!) so
        people.  Well,  last  year  it  was  posi-  ies, receive our mail, travel by public  we’re now using the photo he actu-
        tive people. For most of us, life has   transportation and get health care if  ally sent me afterwards. I think we’ve
        changed. I found my-                                                      got it right this time.
        self leaving bigger
        tips for servers. Just    Dare We Say Normal?                               Perhaps more importantly, I learned
        grateful that they were                                                   that  Liberty  Orchards  the  producers
        there. I never knew                                                       of Aplets and Cotlets have been saved
        what Zoom and  Teams was and I       we needed it. They kept our society   from the chopping block and have
        couldn’t  use  them  unless  someone   going. Thank you. We lift our virtual   found a buyer to keep production go-
        sent me a link. But I also learned how   hands up to digitally high-five you.  ing. Glory be! Let there be fruit.
        sterile and awkward videoconferenc-
        es can be and that they are no sub-    Amidst all the outbreaks of normal-  enjoy!
        stitute for face-to-face interactions,  ity, isn’t it glorious?  Your  evergreen  Watch out for murder hornets. n

        www . l S a w. or g                                                                                        7
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