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a Message from the president

                                     by: Jeff lynch, plS

           irst, I just want to acknowledge that   I attended the  nSPS  day on the  hill
        Fthis past year has been challenging  which was held virtually this year.   We   Welcome
        for our businesses, cities, state, and the  were able to schedule and meet with our
        nation.  Much  has  changed  since  I  was  various representative liaisons. I left feel-  New Members
        elected by LSAW a couple of years ago  ing positive about the level of support we
        to serve as Vice President.  I am hopeful  were given around the issues that were   REGULAR MEMBERS
        things are starting to recover and hope-  presented. Considering the COVId pro-  Robert Bain, Waitsburg WA
        fully soon we will be back to normal. The  tocols, donald Wieber, Chris Jepson, and   Justin Bowling, Vancouver WA
        Surveyors I know and talked with have  I may be participating in The day on the   Charles Camp, Bremerton WA
        reported that projects and work haven’t  hill in 2022. Since we haven’t been able   Brad diesen, newport WA
        slowed at all through the pandemic and  to send an in-person state contingent for   William McCabe, Arlington WA
        they continue to be busy. now, we are in  two years, the intention is to show a high   Gavin Schrock, Seattle WA
        the middle of summer, our typically busy  level of commitment for issues that are
        season, and things don’t look like they  essential to Washington state.      ASSOCIATE MEMBERS
        are going to slow down anytime soon,   I understand that using virtual tools for   david Arcano, Wapato WA
        which is a good thing.               Chapter meetings is challenging.  If your   Immanuel Bergee, Spanaway WA

          I was proud to represent LSAW as a  chapter is struggling, Crissy is available to   Wyatt Brown, Wenatchee WA
                                                                                     Sathor domingo, Vancouver WA
        member of the joint Conference Com-  help everyone set up the virtual meeting.   Julie eckman, elmira CA
        mittee that planned the seven state vir-  One of the suggestions offered at the last   Tom elsenbast, Friday harbor WA
        tual Conference. Considering we had  Board of  directors meeting is to reach   Anthony hart, Tacoma WA
        to pivot to virtual tools and platforms,  out to organize joint meetings with the   Travis hatfield, Prosser WA
        the LSAW conference was well attended  neighboring Chapters. Share presenta-  Isaac Jordan, Chelan WA
        and offered of solid selection of interest-  tion topics and information. Your Chap-  Jeffrey Keefe, Sandusky Oh
        ing and informational classes. I know we  ter may have an opportunity for another   Chris Lawler, Friday harbor WA
        would all prefer to meet in-person, but I  Chapter and vice versa.  Since we have   Steve Luxton, Sequim WA
        thought the virtual platform, with break-  been asked to limit travel, we can get our   Marti McConnell, Friday harbor WA
        out rooms we could “move” into was cool!  attendance from all over the state.    Theodore McJunkin, Bothell WA
        Technology sure has changed and I am   I want to thank everyone who vol-     Anna Meyer, Friday harbor WA
        proud that our members embraced the   unteers  whether  you  are  on  the  LSAW   Brandon Obryan, Spokane WA
        learning curve that was needed to not   Board, a Committee (or two), or serving   douglas Roupe, Snohomish WA
        only attend the conference but actively   as a leader within your Chapter.  Without   Gemma Santamaria, Spokane WA
        engage in all of the options to make the   you and your help and dedication, LSAW   John Stearns, Post Falls Id
        conference as interactive as possible. I   would stop functioning. I know we still   Rohan Thomas, Seattle WA
        would like to thank Crissy for all her hard   have some challenging times ahead but
        work. I appreciate her fortitude with find-  I am feeling that with everyone’s help we   STUDENT MEMBERS
        ing  an  appropriate  virtual  conference   can get through this.  n         Jarid norman, Bellingham WA
        tool, transitioning all of the content from                                  SUSTAINING MEMBERS
        an in-person event to a virtual event, all                                   That CAd Girl
        while supporting those of us who were                                        TopCon Solutions Store
        struggling to use the tool.

        www . l S a w. or g                                                                                        5
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