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LSAW Leadership

                                                                The quarterly publication of the Land Surveyors’ Association of
                                                              Washington is published as a service to the land surveying profes-
                                                              sion of Washington. It is mailed to all members of the Land Surveyors’
                       Jeff Lynch                             Association of Washington. The evergreen State Surveyor is an open
                       President                              forum for all Surveyors, with an editorial policy.
                       T. (360) 487-7773
                                                                         Land Surveyors’ Association of  Washington
                       Chris Jepson                                               CenTRAL OFFICe
                       President-Elect                                            526 So. e Street
                       T. (360) 733-5760                                        Santa Rosa, CA 95404
                                     e-Mail address:
                                                                                 Ben Petersen, PLS
                       Tony Chenier                                           deSIGn And PROduCTIOn
                       Vice President                                              Tony Monaco
                       T. (360) 957-0272
                                                              Commercial advertising is accepted by The evergreen State Surveyor.
                                                              Advertising rates and information can be obtained online
                                                              or by contacting :
                       Lynee Forsyth                          LSAW
                       Secretary                              526 So. e Street
                       T. (360) 733-6100                      Santa Rosa, CA 95404
                                 Phone: (888) 994-2845 –  e-Mail address:
                                                              Circulation: 1,000

                                                              edITORIAL MATeRIAL
                       Joe Kraft                              All articles reports, letters, and contributions are accepted and will be
                       Treasurer                              considered for publication regardless of the author’s affiliation with
                                                              the Land Surveyors’ Association of Washington. Contributions should
                       T. (602) 370-5757                      be emailed to We can accept WordPerfect or Microsoft
                                                              Word files. We can accept ASCII text files or word processor files from
                                                              the following programs: WordPerfect or Microsoft Word.
                                                              edITOR’S AddReSS
                                                              Ben Petersen,  PLS
                       Donald Wieber                          P.O. Box 1778
                       Immediat Past President                Issaquah, WA 98027
                       T. (509) 585-4295                      Phone: (425) 222-6320
                                e-Mail address:

                                                                                  deAdLIne dATeS
                                                                 Artwork Due October 29                       Publish November 13 th
          Our Mission:
          LSAW is committed to promoting the profession       Articles, reports, letters, etc., received after the above mentioned date
                                                              will be considered for the next edition.
          and science of surveying for the benefit of its mem-
          bers and the public.  We promote lifelong learning,   Opinions expressed by the editor or individual writers are not neces-
          high standards of ethics and practice, legislative   sarily endorsed by the Land Surveyors Association of Washington Of-
                                                              ficers or its Board of directors. Original articles may be reprinted with
          leadership, and community involvement. Check out    due credit given to the source and written notification to the Land
          our website at                        Surveyors Association of Washington, unless otherwise noted.

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