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By: Aaron Blaisdell and James Wengler


        Extractions from the board packet and minutes of the Feb-  Disciplinary Open Case Status:
        ruary 23, 2023 Meeting of the Washington State Board of
        Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors
        at the The Heathman Lodge, Vancouver, Washington
        Mr. Blaisdell asked what further action we may take against
        non-compliant respondents, in reference to Mr. Hawkins
        who is currently on compliance monitoring. Mr. Blaisdell
        suggested connecting with county prosecutor groups/
        meetings where the board could engage with them to dis-
        cuss the gravity of unlicensed practice.
        Compliance Report Mr. Peden reported there are current-
        ly 2 individuals on compliance monitoring (Ryan Hawkins
        and Kent Huxel). Mr. Hawkins has not responded to multi-
        ple emails about his proposed payment plan and is out of   Abbreviated  Minutes  of  the  March 23, 2023 Meeting in
        compliance with his board order and will be turned over   Olympia, Washington
        to collections. Staff is working on obtaining a contract with
        a collection agency. Mr. Huxel requested the final cease &   Re: BRPELS/WA DNR Discussion
        desist order be vacated. The board denied that request.
        Respondent filed a Notice of Appeal to Snohomish Coun-  Discussion of  WAC 332-130-110 Reporting Require-
        ty Superior Court. Notice sent to AAG. Our AAG is filing a  ments: To discuss possible amendments
        motion to dismiss his appeal.
                                                                Mr.  Wengler opened discussion about possible ways to
        Law Enforcement Action for Unlicensed Practice Staff meet  make changes so we could come up with a timeline or pos-
        with  our  AAG  and  found  we  would  need  to  file  a  com-  sible way to make PLS’s keep their field notes/ printable
        plaint with the  local law enforcement agency  where the  electronic meta data (WAC 332-130-080) so Board inves-
        unlicensed activity or fraud occurred. It would then be up  tigators and Case Managers could check traverse closures
        to that law enforcement agency to investigate and take to  (WAC -332- 130-090). It has been determined that there is
        their prosecution for action. As part of the complaint we  no RCW or WAC to require a PLS to keep this information
        file, we would include all evidence from our investigation.  after the survey is recorded. Even though most surveyors
                                                                make a statement on their maps that this has been done,
        Mr. Peden, Mr.  Wengler, and Mr. Blaisdell to be named  we  are  finding  out  in  our  investigations  very  few  do  so.
        NCEES  funded  delegates  for  the  2023  NCEES  Annual  There was much discussion on the topic and Mr. Wengler
        Meeting in August.                                      offered to draft up some language and give a sketch on
                                                                how he does it. DNR agreed to review his example.
        Statistical Data:
                                                                The group discussed if it is necessary to require a record of
        Applications received: (12/1/2022 – 2/12/2023)          survey per WAC 332-130-110 in the final reporting require-
        Total: 570   Corp/LLC: 30    EIT: 124       LSIT: 15    ments for the “Destruction and Replacement of a Monu-
                                                                ment Permit”. DNR offered to do more research on the sub-
        PE: 333     By Exam: 125     By Comity: 208             ject and report back at a later Survey Committee Meeting.
        PLS: 12     By Exam: 8       By Comity: 4
                                                                Review WAC 196-29 Professional Practices to discuss
        New licenses issued:                                    Possible Amendments.
        LSIT: 1     PLS: in between exams – next exam 3/24/23
                                                                Mr. Blaisdell and Mr. Wengler brought up a short discus-
        Total active licenses in WA:                            sion on who could monument boundary lines when each
        PE: 27,327     SE: 1,795     PLS: 1,030    Corp/LLC: 1,514       end point has been set by a PLS. It was determined that this
                                                                issue would be brought up at a later date. DNR also agreed
        On-Site Wastewater: 315                                 to do more research on this issue. n

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