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          In addition to helping Auditor’s indexing staff, the Public  We also understand that as the law is written now, a surveyor
        Land  Survey  Office  (PLSO)  routinely  finds improperly in-  might interpret the law to not require any change to current
        dexed maps where the surveyor indicated the wrong quarter/  methods as long as the STR-Q/Q is “clearly marked”. Again,
        quarter on their map.  Adding the abbreviated quarter/quar-  clearly marked for whom?  The person who drew it or the
        ter next to the diagram also provides another check to assure  person whose job it is to use the data? We believe the WAC is
        it is shown correctly.  Thousands of survey maps have been  clear in intent – “clearly marked” for Auditor staff.
        improperly indexed by surveyors in this state over the years,   We  also  understand  that  these  survey  map  indexing  is-
        such that these maps are not STR locatable in the Counties   sues don’t occur in every County, especially those where the
        where  surveyed,  let  alone  by  Q/Q.  Sometimes  the  PLSO   County Surveyor or another PLS is in charge of reviewing
        catches these mistakes during its indexing, sometimes not.  It   surveys and plats for completeness and accuracy prior to in-
        is not the PLSO’s duty under the law to review surveys and   dexing into the records. The DNR PLSO doesn’t see indexing
        plats for incomplete and/or inaccurate data, only to store and   errors in such Counties.  The vast majority of Counties in this
        keep copies.  It is up to surveyors to check this information to   state do not operate in that manner however.
        make sure it is correct prior to recording.
                                                             Finally,  we  believe  that  establishing  a  good  relationship
          The Auditors around the state have asked that surveyors  with your Auditor’s Office and offering advice and training
        write out (or at least abbreviate every Q-Q the survey falls in)  on these and other subjects to counter-staff and others can go
        to help make their indexing accurate.  The Survey Advisory  a long way toward eliminating these sorts of issues and will
        Board believes that it is in the best interest of the profession  help to further elevate and establish surveyors as the experts in
        that we comply with this request.  We understand that many  these matters. If surveyors in these “other” counties can work
        surveyors  have  been  showing  quarter/quarter  diagrams  for  with their Auditor’s Offices to convince them to have a PLS
        many years in a manner different than those examples shown  review indexing information for accuracy and clarity prior to
        here and may not want to change their methods at this point.  recording, then these issues would be eliminated entirely. n

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