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Highlights from the13 Western States

        The Western Federation of Professional Surveyors (WFPS) held a Board of Directors meeting on
        February 17, 2023 at the Grand Davenport Hotel in Spokane, WA.

          ALASKA (ASPLS) Gary Gervelis – ASPLS Chapters are hosting virtu-  NEVADA (NALS) Trent Keenan & Greg Phillips – Current member-
        al statewide meetings on a rotating basis. This reduces the workload   ship is 287. Great Basin College continues to see good enrollment
        for chapter officers and allows members from across the state to net-  numbers and the College of Southern Nevada (CSN) has received initial
        work. Plans are underway for a joint conference with HLSA in Hawaii   authorization for a new land surveying 4 year degree program. NALS
        in 2023. More information about APLS can be found on their website   continues to publish, print, and mail four issues a year of the Nevada                                           Traverse. NALS will celebrate their 50 year anniversary this year and has
                                                                planned several special events/programs.  NALS continues to focus on
          ARIZONA (APLS) Mike Fondren – Current membership is 390, an in-  outreach and has participated in multiple job fairs, STEM fairs, and ca-
        crease from the last quarter. The 2023 Conference will be held virtually   reer technical education (CTE) events this year. The new Governor has
        on April 20-22 and APLS will rejoin Nevada and WestFed in 2024 in Las   issued an Executive Order requesting every licensing board eliminate at
        Vegas. The AZ-YSN has been actively participating in outreach events   least ten requirements for licensure. More information about NALS can
        including job fairs, career technical education events, and more. More   be found on their website
        information about APLS can be found on their website
                                                                 NEW MEXICO (NMPS) Roxanne Nimmer & Diego Sisneros – NMPS
          COLORADO (PLSC) Todd Beers – Current membership is 421. PLSC   held their first conference since the pandemic on October 20-22, 2022.
        continues to actively participate in Quality Based Selection (QBS) meet-  The New Mexico Board of Registration now has filled all three of the LS
        ings. Board of Registration will be going through sunset review process   positions on the Board. More information about NMPS can be found on
        beginning in September 2023. PLSC will host a Capitol Hill Day at the   their website
        Colorado state capital during National Surveyors Week. PLSC continues
        outreach efforts including reaching out to real estate and title compa-  UTAH (UCLS) Mike Nadeau – Current membership is 335. The UCLS
        nies, middle schools, high school and guidance counselors. More infor-  Conference will be held February 8-10, 2023 in St. George.  UCLS is cur-
        mation about PLSC can be found on their website  rently exploring the potential of introducing legislation for Right of En-
                                                                try for Surveyors.  UCLS Standards and Ethics Committee has complet-
          HAWAII (HLSA) Joanne Williamson – Current membership is 119.   ed a draft of the condominium guide. The guide has been sent to the
        A joint conference with ASPLS in Hawaii is planned for March 16-17,   UCLS Board for review and adoption. UCLS has a new membership fee
        2023. Right of Entry legislation is being introduced by Senator Kouchi.   structure. More information about UCLS can be found on their website
        Plans are in the works for Surveying Geomatics class for UH Manoa in
        the Fall of 2023. Hawaii Community College is considering making the
        Geomatics & GIS certificate available again to students in 2023. More   WASHINGTON (LSAW) Ben Petersen and Desi Schilling – Current
        information about HLSA can be found on their website   membership is 813, an increase over last quarter. The 2023 Confer-
                                                                ence is Spokane was well attended. The 2024 Conference will be held
          DAHO (ISPLS)  Austin Ishino – Current membership 243. ISPLS Con-  at the Tulalip Resort & Casino. LSAW supported Board of Registration
        ference will be held March 13-16 in Boise, ID. A new Executive Director   proposed changes relative to license comity. Department of Natural
        and management company has been hired. More information about   Resources is proposing an increase for filing and recording fees from
        ISPLS can be found on their new website
                                                                $64 to $100. LSAW is working with Kris Kline to update the Washington
          MONTANA (MARLS)  Russ Kluesner  and Dick Smith – Current mem-  Common Law publication that was originally published in 2009.   More
        bership 426, an increase from last quarter. Montana has established a   information about LSAW can be found on their website
        Young Surveyors Network (MT YSN).  Ongoing efforts continue to up-  WYOMING (PLSW) John Lee – Current membership is 124.  PLSW
        date the MARLS Standards of Practice manual. The 3rd Edition of the   held a fall forum in November featuring Dennis Mouland. The Universi-
        Montana Subdivision and Surveying Laws Digest has been published   ty of Wyoming has in place a minor in land surveying and a land survey-
        and is available free of charge to current MARLS members, and for sale   ing certificate program. Information about PLSW can be found on their
        to non-members. MARLS is currently working on updating their bylaws.  website
        More information can be found on their website
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