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           he Land Surveyors’ Association of Washington Founda-  We seek to do this by providing financial support, in the
        Ttion was formed to provide a means whereby people  form  of  scholarships  and  grants,  to  students  entering  the
        interested in advancing the profession could work together  profession and to educators and others who advance and
        to  provide  financial  assistance  to  deserving  students,  ed-  improve the profession and its standing with the general
        ucators and others who work to enhance the standing of  public in the State of Washington.
        the profession in Washington State. Formed in 2007 at the   Scholarships
        LSAW Annual Conference in Spokane, the Foundation has
        since attained IRS 501(c)3 non-profit status.            The LSAW Foundation exists to provide a means where-
                                                               by people interested in advancing the profession could
          The Foundation is governed by a nine-member Board of   work together to provide financial assistance to deserving
        Directors. It holds an annual membership meeting and peri-  students, educators and others who work to enhance the
        odic Board meetings. Contact a Director for information on   standing of the profession in Washington State.
        our next meeting.
                                                                 Make a Donation.There are many ways you can help the
        Directors                                              Foundation. You can make a General Donation or donate to
                                                               one of our Memorial Funds:

                                                               Mike Mickiewicz Memorial Fund
                                                               John Thomas Memorial Fund
                                                               Jim Coan Memorial Fund
                                                               John Thalacker Memorial Fund
                                                               North Olympic Surveyors Memorial Fund
                                                                 It’s also time to begin thinking about donations for our an-
                                                               nual silent auction to be held at the LSAW Annual Confer-
                                                               ence. In order to make this a great event we need your help
                                                               in procuring and/or donating items for the auction. Some
                                                               items for consideration may include the following:

        Directors from left to right are: Rich Waltrip, Tom Brewster,   Vacation Packages    Golf/Lunch Packages
        Erynn Sullivan, Darin Deehr, Jeff Lynch, Greg Brooks, Ken   Wine Tour          Season Tickets/Hotel Package
        Swindaman, Tom Barger & Kevin Carlascio.               Skiing Package          Condo Timeshare Package
                                                               Airplane Tour           Boat/Fishing Trip
        WE ALSO HONOR THE PAST MEMBERS OF OUR BOARD            Dinner Package          Photographs/Paintings
        John Thalacker – Founder and Chairman of the Board of  Classic Novels          Home-Made Gifts
        Directors (2007-2013)                                  Surveying Books         Old Surveying Instruments
        Walter O. Dale – Founding Director, Treasurer (2007-2011)   Surveying Equipment (working)
        James Main – Founding Director (2007-2011)             Electronic Games        Yard & Office Decorations
                                                               Home-Made Gifts         New Re-gifted Items
        Vicky Thalacker – Founding Director and Scholarship Chair   Gift Cards         Collectibles
                                                                 Donating is also a great way to promote your company’s
        Jon B. Purnell – Founding Director, Secretary (2007-2012)   by  donating  products  and/or  services  directly  from  your
        Michael (Mick) Sprouffske Jr. – Treasurer (2011-2015)   company. In addition, to item you can win, we’ll have sev-
        John R. Christensen – Director (2011-2016)             eral traveling auction items for you to bid on. The winning
        John Thomas – Director, Treasurer (2013-2017)          bidder may take the item and proudly display in their office
                                                               until next year’s auction. Cash donations are also welcomed
        Carla Meritt - Director (2014-2022)
                                                               allowing the auction committee to purchase essential auc-
        LSAW Foundation Mission                                tion items.
          We work to promote educational, scientific, and charitable   Remember, the LSAW Foundation is a nonprofit organiza-
        activities in the fields of surveying, mapping, and land infor-  tion and all proceeds from the silent auction will go to the
        mation sciences.                                       Foundation Scholarship fund. n

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