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WA DNR Survey Advisory Board

        Highlights of Meeting Held January 26

        (Edited and abbreviated by Ben Petersen, PLS)

        Attendees physically and/or virtually present at one or both meetings: (Left to Right)

         Bruce Dodds, PE-PLS, Chair – SAB Member, Multi-Discipline    Bob Morse, PLS – SAB Member, Education PLSO/DNR
         Paul Galli, PLS – SAB Member, Government              Pat Beehler, PLS – State Surveyor
         Gary Letzring, PLS – SAB Member, Urban Surveying      David Icenhower, PLS – PLSO Manager
         Erielle Lamb, PLS – SAB Member, Rural Surveying       Thomas Barger – LSAW Liaison

        Monument Removal/Destruction Permits and Records:      (GNSS) system, not just GPS system. He is willing to continue to
        Since the October 27th meeting:                        help with the revision.
          •  65 LCRs have been submitted (56 in previous period)   Records Indexing:

          •   68 Permits to Remove or Destroy have been submitted (115   Since the Oct. 27th meeting:
            in the previous period)
                                                                 •  5561 Indexes
          •  112 Completion reports have been submitted (102 in pre-  •  2473 Current Surveys
            vious period)                                        •  955 Historic Surveys

        PDH Program Participants:                              Donated Records:
          •  Robert DeVink – Naming/filing records of Ruskin-Fisher by   •  City of Bremerton field books - currently being scanned.
            Section, Township, Range.                              State Archives wants the hard copies
          •   John Hoxeng – Naming files from Whatcom County area by   •  Dobbs and Fox – acquired earlier last year, have been re-
            Section, Township, Range                               viewed and are being scanned

        Report from Washington Council of County Surveyors     Record Collections Waiting to be Donated:
        (WCCS) Liaison:
                                                                 Richard Cambern – out of Everett area. His daughter has his
          Pat Beehler reported that the President position is currently   records and she thinks that he might have some records that
        vacant. WCCS is engaging government surveyors (not just coun-  pre-date the Survey Recording Act. She will let us know when
        ty surveyors) to make the organization the Washington Council   she is ready for us to send a team to assess/retrieve.
        of Government Surveyors (WCGS). Ken Swindaman is helping to
        shepherd this initiative.                              Model BLA Ordinance:

                                                                 Bruce mentioned that a revision had been discussed at the
        Update of GPS Guidebook 2004:
                                                               last meeting to require a survey to prepare a Boundary Line Ad-
          Bob Morse reported that he has invited Bob Green, PLS, Geo-  justment (BLA). Bruce will review.
        spatial Analyst from Frontier Precision, to help us get on the right
        foot for updating this guidebook. Bob Green discussed the fact  Discussion on Letter from BRPELS:
        that the WSRN was brand new when the GPG Guidebook was cre-  Question #1 Posed to the WA Board of Registration (BRPELS):
        ated in 2004, and was not included in the methodology for us-  In the case of removal, or replacement, of a monument, not at
        ing that system. Bob recommends that the guidebook needs to   a property corner, but marking a road centerline or right-of-way
        address new methods with new technologies, and needs to be   “reference line”:
        couched in terms of being a Global Navigation Satellite System
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