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          Let us not fool ourselves in thinking two or four years of   I could go on and shall do so only to beat this argument
        experience is a constant learning process for an individual.  to  reasonable  size  for  some  to  swallow.  There  are  over
        It is not. In many cases, experience is merely the repetition  14,000 pharmacists who graduate each year, are licensed
        of a limited number of survey tasks repeated over many  after graduation, and dispense controlled and potentially
        years. An individual who has spent four years surveying ur-  dangerous and deadly drugs. There are over 155,000 nurs-
        ban lots has probably gained the extent of new knowledge  es who graduate each year and become licensed RNs mere
        after only three months of employment and after survey-  weeks  after  graduation  and  make  life  and  death  health
        ing one or two of their first urban lots.              decisions  for  patients,  dispensing  drugs,  taking  care  of
                                                               injuries, and so on. There are over 10,000 officers commis-
          Some readers will counter by claiming that rather than
                                                               sioned each year without any prior experience in combat
        less experience, more detailed experience is required in the
                                                               leadership  who  are  placed  in  charge  of  soldiers,  sailors,
        licensing application. The application would have to show
                                                               airmen, and marines or multi-million-dollar airplanes and
        various complexities and scope of services for experience
                                                               make decision affecting lives in combat. (The Lord knows
        to count toward licensure. I would suggest that such spec-
                                                               as a Marine sergeant I had my concerns about some new
        ificity  to  experience  qualifications  will  deny  licensing  for
                                                               2  lieutenants.) I could go on with statistics and facts about
        many individuals who work for small survey firms with lim-
                                                               ministers, doctors, dentists, cosmetologists, teachers, and
        ited clientele needs or individuals working for large firms
                                                               other  professions  that  allow  graduates  to  have  licenses
        that are slotted in specific services offered by the large firm.
                                                               soon after graduation. I believe I have made my point. Sur-
        Such a move will further limit the number of licensees in
                                                               veying and engineering are in a small minority of profes-
        our profession. The number of licensed surveyors is already
                                                               sions  that  continue  to  require  experience  in  addition  to
        declining from a lack of new and younger licensees.
                                                               their education before licensing.
          Back to my days in the Marines, I have cause to look at
        the large target over my head. There is a new hole from   So,  what  is  wrong  with  requiring  experience  before  li-
        the shooter. The shooter states that my suggestion would   censing? I believe it hinders efforts to attract new members
        allow someone to graduate, be licensed, and provide ser-  to  our  profession.  For  an  eighteen-year-old  high  school
        vices to the public soon after graduation. Valuable prop-  graduate, the time required to obtain a four-year survey-
        erty rights will be in jeopardy because services will be en-  ing  degree  along  with  four-years  of  relevant  experience
        trusted to the licensed surveyor without any experience.   to become licensed as a surveyor is a long commitment.
        Incompetence  will  run  unchecked  within  the  profession.   The  high  school  graduate  can  be  a  licensed  engineer  in
        The profession’s good reputation will collapse. Millions of   the same time, or become a teacher, nurse, military officer,
        dollars in property values will be jeopardized.        accountant,  forester,  electrician,  and  plumber  four  years
                                                               sooner or a lawyer, doctor, dentist, pharmacists, minister,
          I think not. Over 34,000 lawyers graduate each year from
                                                               veterinarian, occupational therapist, and architect in one
        law  school.  Every  law  school  graduate  can  take  the  bar
                                                               year less. Must the surveying profession erect barriers upon
        exam immediately following graduation. Within months of
                                                               roads that few choose to travel anyway?
        graduation every one who passes the bar exam can legally
                                                                 Having given my opinion, I now offer advice by suggest-
        practice law without showing one single day of experience.
                                                               ing the NCEES model law be changed to allow licensing
        These  new,  inexperienced  lawyers  can  prepare  deeds,
                                                               with  a  four-year  degree  and  state  legislatures  adopt  this
        write estate plans, argue for clients in court, and so much
                                                               option. At the very least, states should allow graduates to
        more. Do they? Of course not. A very few lawyers perhaps
                                                               take both their fundamentals of surveying and profession-
        - but most work under the guidance of experienced prac-
                                                               al surveying exams near graduation, allowing licensing as
        titioners. I expect the vast majority of surveyors licensed
                                                               soon  as  experience  has  been  achieved.  Some  licensing
        upon graduation after passing their exams will work for ex-
                                                               boards have already adopted this option. I will speak more
        perienced surveyors. Very few would set up a practice on
                                                               on this latter option in a subsequent article. n
        their own soon after graduation.

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