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From the Editor

                                   by: Ben Petersen, PLS

        Happy New Year everyone!
        So did you all rush to your dictionary to look up defenestration. Satisified?

           adly, I have to start off the new year with a report of an incident   Legislature is convening for a full session this year. We’re bound to
        Sthat occurred at our most recent LSAW Board of Directors meet-  see the usual assault on deregulating licensing, making professional
        ing. It should have been a reasonable and civilized discussion about   services subject to the sales tax, expanding prevailing wage into all
        holding future board meetings in-person versus virtually. It unfortu-  aspects of surveying, more specialty add-ons to recording fees and
        nately degenerated into a melee. What started out simply enough   who knows what else. It’s the same-old, same-old every session. As
        with some points and counterpoints gradually escalated to raised   I like to say “hang onto your wallet”. Yikes.
        voices, tabletop fist pounding and F-bombs. As accusations and   I also found an app that uses Artificial Intelligence (I think that’s
        references to female dogs and the children of unmarried parents   what I have) to generate business names. I input “Land Surveying”
        were traded between board members the threats and rage grew in   and it came up with Earthscope, Awemap, PlanetView, Landscan,
        intensity. Emotions took over and I believe some of the board mem-  MapPoint, Geologica, Groundline, SurveyFix, Terracore and dozens
                                       bers took the opportunity   of other cool names. I was actually impressed. Feel free to borrow.
           Ever listen to someone      to settle some long-fester-
                                                                 As always thank you Crissy, Tony, Vic Banks and John Thatcher for
           for a while and wonder      ing personal grievances. I’m   all your help. Much appreciated. And thank you readers. I finally got
          “Who ties your shoelaces     not sure when the first pen,   a little feedback (See “From the Mailbox”) and that’s very much ap-
                                       cup or cookie was thrown
                  for you?”            but  by then  it had  gotten   preciated. The fact that it was all good feedback was a bonus. Keep
                                       completely out of hand. I   it coming. I’m a big boy. I can take it. n
        myself tried to stay above the fray and eventually let go of one the
        board members throats and asked for calm. By that time everyone
        was tired so things did settle down.                       FROM THE MAILBOX
        On the positive side no bones were broken and the extent of torn           Just wanted to say great job on the
        garments and blood splatters was really quite minimal. Yea, sure
        there was some spitting, ruffled hair and spilt drinks but in the end     latest issue of ESS. Lots of great articles. 
        it was practically a non-event.                                           I particularly enjoyed the historical stuff
                                                                                  of course.
          In fact it WAS a non-event. It never happened. I made it up. That’s
        not how it goes. I was just trying to catch your interest. Did it work?    PS: Sorry Ben, can’t resist the follow-
                                                                                  ing: Think you may have “defenestrated”
          We did have a discussion and guess what? We’re adults. And we’re
        professionals. And we act that way. Yea, we’re boring. We talked it       John  Thatcher about crediting him for
        out, we listened to each other and compromised on having one vir-         his “help in editing and speling...”
        tual board meeting this coming year. That’s the way it goes and the        Denny
        way it should go.
          OK, diversion aside, welcome to the New Year’s issue of your Ev-  Editors Note: The misspelled was deliberate. I was just
        ergreen State Surveyor magazine. First off I want to congratulate   having fun. I knew someone would catch it.
        Michael Kulish for winning the NSPS Excellence in Journalism award
        for the Best Featured Article. His article “Trouble Afoot for Surveyor”   Hi Ben,
        hit the mark.
                                                                   Thanks for what you are doing with the Evergreen Surveyor. 
          I’d also like to share with you that I am still trying to figure out the   Some of us old folks just can’t get used to digital magazines.
        “metaverse”. I’m not spending too much time on it but I’m open to
        an explanation. As long as it isn’t too long or boring. Two, I did buy   Keep in touch and keep up the good job.
        a ticket for the Mega-Millions Lottery, and didn’t win – again. Had   Jerry
        I, you’d be looking for  a new Editor. Finally, your Washington State

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