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A Message                                             WELCOME NEW MEMBERS
                                                                                     ASSOCIATE MEMBERS
                                                                                     Spencer Baier, Olympia WA
                               From the President                                    Sarah Burgi, Spokane WA
                                                                                     Katie Champ, Seattle WA
                                                                                     Mandy Chen, Tumwater WA
                               by: Chris Jepson, PLS                                 Jacob Coats, Moscow ID
                                                                                     Michael Copenhefer, Olympia WA
                                                                                     Christopher Davis, Vancouver WA
                                                                                     John Elsbury, Moscow ID
        Good Land Surveyors of Washington:   ing the local land surveying history of the   Martin French, Bellevue WA
          Welcome to 2023!  The year is already speed-  Northwest chapter was fascinating to me.  It   Joshua Geisler, East Wenatchee WA
                                                                                     Louis Green, Boise ID
        ing by and our conference is right around the   helped make real the mythological surveyors   Ryan Guscott, Olympia WA
        corner!   I look forward to seeing you February   who I might be following.  Some of these sur-  Mathew Holling, Walla Walla WA
        15-17th at the Grand Davenport in Spokane,   veyors were almost in their 80’s, and started
        WA.  I start this message with an apology; I   surveying in the 1950’s.  The fact that I could   Ewa Jemiola, Everett WA
        was supposed to have this message delivered   be listening to George Raper (PLS #9947) tell   Keith Jenkins, Moscow ID
        to our Editor, Ben Petersen by November 31,   a story about his grandfather homesteading a   Sam Kinser, Cashmere WA
        2022.  Apologies Ben, I’ll survey you a point at   quarter section within the Rome township in   Victoria Klemm, Kellogg ID
        the Irish bar in Spokane.  Ben, I believe I can   1884 was confounding to me.  That seemed   Nicholas Kotlarz, Yakima WA
        speak for the majority when I say that we are   like ancient history but was also so recent!  It   Connor Lane, Kelso WA
        grateful for your past and present efforts to   gave me a stronger connection to the histo-  William Leitzel, Yakima WA
        keep this award-winning publication current   ry and allowed me to better imagine what it   Wade Massey, Wenatchee WA
        and engaging; and for being involved with so   must  have  been  like  back  then  for  the  land   Theodore McJunkin, Bothell WA
        many other cardinal roles within the LSAW.     surveyors  sewing  the  framework  we  retrace   Alan Mooers, Bellingham WA
        Surveyor clap for Mr. Petersen [clapping].     today.  It also allowed me to recognize my   Christopher Morey, Kent WA
        Thank you, Ben.  Thank you for devoting pre-  current place in that history and the role that   Marcus Nevitt, Vernon WA
        cious retirement time continuing the mission   I might be playing in it all.  At times I can feel   Kyle Olsen, Tumwater WA
        of the LSAW and passing on the institutional   a strong urgency and obligation to learn this   Bruce Raper, Bellingham WA
        knowledge of the Association.        institutional knowledge from the older gener-  George Reed, Gig Harbor WA
                                             ation, before it is too late.  I encourage you all   Thomas Rogers, Yelm WA
          That might be one of the magical powers   to continue making time and space for these   Jill Sullivan, Friday Harbor WA
        the LSAW has to offer, the intangible institu-  connections at the local Chapter level - the   Jack Thomson, Gig Harbor WA
        tional  memory  of  land  surveying.    That  has   heartbeat of LSAW.       Steven Watt, Tumwater WA
        always been a serious curiosity of mine, and                                 Mark Wendover, Walla Walla WA
        the Chapter meetings were where I started to   My journey through the ranks of the LSAW   Stephen Wilson, Bellevue WA
        discover some of that implicit knowledge.  It   has been an adventure…just like land survey-
        has been a mission of mine to acquire all the   ing itself.  Luckily, I’ve known I’ve had support   REGULAR MEMBERS
        land surveying books published in this coun-  all around me if I needed it.  My curiosity be-  Austin Bell, Bingen WA
        try.  For at least I’d know that if I had a land   came my goal, to continue as far as I could so   Vance Blue, Woodinville WA
        surveying question, the answer was likely   that I could better understand how it all works   Christopher Cruse, Bigfork MT
        somewhere on my bookshelf.  However, there   and  how  it  is connected to  other  organiza-  Kenneth Legassie, Walla Walla WA
        is a limit to what those reference materials   tions.  If I understood how one level worked,   Michael Lemasa, Shoreline WA
        can provide.  As opposed to the intention-  I could be more effective in the other.  I did   Mason Marker, Spangle WA
        ally documented standard operating proce-  not intend to effect great change in my year   Bruce Orr, Richland WA
        dures or principals, survey wisdom can also   as president.  With welcoming my first child   Evan Page, Newport WA
        arise organically through time and exposure   and managing a survey department, I was   Dean Paschich, Tacoma WA
        to various scenarios on the job, by virtue of   hard pressed to do much more than chair the   James Powers, Oklahoma City OK
        one’s experiences.  Developing a sixth sense   board meetings, interface with the executive   Robert Rogers, Yelm WA
        for land surveying likely requires some of this   committee, and participate on some commit-  Cody Swan, Bellingham WA
        understanding.                       tees.  However, I’m sure, there are the intangi-
                                             bles that I’ve absorbed along the way that will
          At the local Chapter meetings is where I’d   reveal themselves as I continue this journey.     STUDENT MEMBERS
        hear stories.  And those stories can carry wis-  I’m grateful for the opportunity to be pres-  Gabriel Cirka, Moscow ID
        dom.  Sure, there would be some important   ident of this storied association.  Thank you   Gabriella Cotogna, Tacoma WA
        business had, and the fellowship was civic, but   to everyone who continues to put time and   Dennis Diuguid, Burlington WA
        the stories you might overhear provided con-  energy toward the betterment of themselves   Eric Phelan, Olympia WA
        text and character to the maps I’d review in   and those around them.        Michael Rush, Vancouver WA
        the office.  Getting a glimpse into understand-                              Tamara Wardle, Moscow ID
                                             -Chris Jepson, PLS n

        www . LSA W. or g                                                                                          5
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