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Highlights from the13 Western States

        The Western Federation of Professional Surveyors (WFPS) held a Board of Directors meeting on
        October 8, 2022 at the offices of Merrick & Company in Greenwood Village, CO/

          ALASKA (ASPLS) Gary Gervelis – ASPLS reported an increase   MONTANA (MARLS)  Russ Kluesner  and Dick Smith – Cur-
        in membership. Plans are underway for a joint conference with  rent membership 426, an increase from last quarter. MARLS
        HLSA in Hawaii in 2023. More information about APLS can be  2023 Conference will be held February 15-17 in Great Falls, Mon-
        found on their website                   tana. MARLS is actively exploring new outreach opportunities
                                                               both with potential workforce and fostering relationships with
          ARIZONA (APLS) Mike Fondren – Current membership is 346,   clerks and recorders.  MARLS noticed an increase in the number
        an increase from the last quarter. The Governor has appointed a   of CST participation in 2022. Flathead Valley Community College
        new Land Surveyor member of the Board of Technical Registra-  is currently looking for professor to head the surveying program.
        tion (BTR). APLS will hold a fall seminar in Tucson at the Universi-  MARLS continues to work on updating their standards of prac-
        ty of Arizona on October 14th. Featured speakers will be Michael   tice and has recently published the 3rd edition of the Montana
        Dennis, Lynda Bell, and Brian Fisher. The 2023 Conference will   Subdivision and Surveying Laws Digest. More information can
        be held virtually on April 20-22 and APLS will rejoin Nevada in   be found on their website
        2024 in Las Vegas. APLS is pleased to announce the formation of
        the Arizona Young Surveyors Network. The AZ-YSN has been ac-  NEVADA (NALS) Trent Keenan & Greg Phillips – Current mem-
        tively participating in outreach events including job fairs, career  bership is 294. An increase from last quarter. The NV Young Sur-
        technical education events, and more. More information about  veyors hosted a campout in the Sierra Nevada Mountains which
        APLS can be found on their website           was well attended. Great Basin College continues to see good
                                                               enrollment numbers and the College of Southern Nevada (CSN)
          CALIFORNIA (CLSA) Ray Mathe & Kevin Nehring – The Cali-  has received initial authorization for a new land surveying 4 year
        fornia Board of Registration has cited and fined a company for   degree program. NALS continues to publish, print, and mail four
        unlicensed practice. The company has filed a lawsuit against the   issues a year of the Nevada Traverse. The last issue of the Tra-
        Board of Registration for violating constitutional rights. CLSA is   verse was the Living Legend issue and paid tribute to Dorothy
        continuing to work on monument preservation program.  More   Calegari.  NALS will host a fall seminar and golf tournament Oc-
        information about CLSA can be found on their website Califor-  tober 21-22 in Mesquite. NALS continues to focus on outreach
                                                               and has participated in multiple job fairs, STEM fairs, and career
          COLORADO (PLSC) Todd Beers – Current membership is 408.  technical education (CTE) events this year. More information
        PLSC continues to actively participate in Quality Based Selection  about NALS can be found on their website
        (QBS) meetings. PLSC will host a Capitol Hill Day at the Colorado   NEW MEXICO (NMPS) Allen Grace & Roxanne Nimmer –
        state capital during National Surveyors Week. PLSC legislative   NMPS will be holding their conference in the fall for the first
        committee continues to work with land title and real estate as-  time. The conference will be held October 21-22 at the Isleta Re-
        sociations to define the difference between a boundary survey   sort and Casino. More information about NMPS can be found on
        and an improvement location certificate.  Colorado Mesa Uni-  their website
        versity/Colorado Community College continues to increase en-
        rollment and currently has 92 students.  PLSC is working with   UTAH (UCLS) Mike Nadeau – Current membership is 335.
        the NSPS Foundation to establish a scholarship fund. More in-  UCLS 2023 Conference is being planned for St. George, Febru-
        formation about PLSC can be found on their website  ary 8-10.  Based on the last roundtable discussion at the WFPS
                                                               meeting, UCLS is currently exploring the potential of introduc-
          HAWAII (HLSA) Joanne  Williamson  –  HLSA  is  planning  a   ing legislation for Right of Entry for Surveyors.  The Board is re-
        joint conference with ASPLS in Hawaii in 2023. The conference   viewing proposals from several lobbyists. UCLS Standards and
        will be offered hybrid with both in-person and virtual options.   Ethics Committee has completed a draft of the condominium
        More information about HLSA can be found on their website   guide. The guide has been sent to the UCLS Board for review and
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