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Turning Points

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          Kenny also provided a another picture, one of his favor-  Revised Application to Remove or Destroy
         ites, of his father Duane, along with Clyde Clutter survey-  Survey Monuments
         ing Bonneville transmission lines is Eastern Washington.
         Great stuff.                                                           This announcement is to let you know that
                                                                              we have revised the Application To Remove
                                                                              Or Destroy A Survey Monument. The most
                                                                              up-to-date versions of the Application,
                                                                              Completion Report form, and instructions
                                                                              can be found on the PLSO website at www.
                                                      , about two-thirds of
                                                                the way down the page under the heading, “Removal of
                                                                Survey Markers”.
                                                                   This latest revision includes check boxes for quarter sec-
                                                                tions, range W or E, and a “comments” area. Our aim is to
                                                                make the form easier to use in order to capture the neces-
                                                                sary information in an efficient manner.
                                                                  Please continue to send Applications and Completion Re-
                                                                ports to:
                                                                 Ann Alves, LSIT - (360) 902-1230
                                                                Email to:
         WSRN AT 20                                             Thank you,
          The WSRN has reached the 20-year milestone. The first
                                solutions were processed in the  NOAA and the U.S. Census Bureau Mark the
                                pilot  network  in  November  of   2020 Center of Population
                                2002.  The  original  network  of
                                the PRSN (Puget Reference Sta-    On Sept. 9, 2022 in in Hartville, Missouri, the U.S. Cen-
                                tion Network) consisted of sta-  sus  Bureau  and  NOAA’s  National  Geodetic  Survey  (NGS)
                                tions  in  north  and  west  Seattle,   dedicated  a  commemorative  survey  mark,  designating
                                one at the City of Renton, and   Hartville as the 2020 Census Center of Population. Hartville
                                one  in  Poulsbo  hosted  by  Kit-  is  the  town  closest  to  the  point  where  an  imaginary,  flat,
                                sap  PUD.  It  expanded  rapidly   weightless and rigid map of the United States would bal-
                                to  statewide  coverage  by  2009.   ance perfectly if everyone in the country were of identical
                                Many  thanks  to  the  130+  part-  weight.
                                ners who helped expand this to     This “center” represents the average location of where
                                a statewide cooperative network.   people in the United States live. The designated location is
         Now at about 150 stations, the continued support of the   based on the 2020 Census data.
         subscribers, science, academia, public and private sectors
         partners established the WSRN as one of the oldest, and
         largest cooperative RTN in North America.

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