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          Traction Tires Advised: You may not be required to use  contact  with  KENT  J.  HUXEL,  please  be  forewarned  and
        traction tires, but it’s certainly recommended. Keep in mind  notify us immediately. His known business names include
        that oversized vehicles may be restricted on the roadway  Kent Huxel Engineering/Enterprizes and Geomatic Preci-
        during severe weather.                                  sion Systems.

          Traction Tires Required: All passenger vehicles must use
        approved traction tires with chains required on cars with
        a gross vehicle weight (GVW) over 10,000 + all vehicles/ Brooks Act cited in PLA Rulemaking
        loads over 10,000 pounds gross weight rating (GVWR)      The Federal Acquisition Regulatory Council (FAR Coun-
        must use traction tires. These include:
                                                                cil) recently issued a proposed regulation to implement
          Tire Chains                                           project labor agreements (PLAs) on federally-funded
                                                                construction contracts. The U.S. Small Business Administra-
          Studded Tires
                                                                tion’s Office of Advocacy sent a letter as a public comment
          Traction Tires  – tires labeled as all-season, all-weather,   on the proposed regulation. “The FAR Council should
        or snow tire (must be labeled M+S or with mountain/snow   carefully examine which industries are construction and
        symbol on the sidewall)                                 exempt those that are not directly involved in the construc-
                                                                tion industry. For example, professional service companies
          Tire Chains Required:  Unless your vehicle has 4-Wheel   are governed by other statutes such as the Brooks Act,”
        Drive (4WD) or  All-Wheel Drive (AWD), you must  install   the letter stated. NSPS and COFPAES, of which NSPS is a
        chains on your tires. All vehicles need to carry a set of chains   member, urged SBA to take this position in a listening ses-
        in case weather conditions worsen.                      sion the agency hosted to learn about the proposed rule’s
                                                                impact on small business.
          Chains Required on All Vehicles: The final signs before
        the pass is closed, all vehicles—including AWD and 4WD—
        must install chains.
                                                                Who’s in the photo?
          WSP and the Washington State Department of Transpor-
        tation (WSDOT) suggest that all vehicles carry chains in case
        of severe weather conditions on the roadway. Studded tires
        do not meet this requirement.

        Evergreen State Surveyor wins award

                       Your  Evergreen  State  Surveyor  magazine
                      received an Excellence in Journalism award
                      from  the  National  Society  of  Professional
                      Surveyors (NSPS) for the Best Featured Arti-
                      cle of 2022 “Trouble Afoot For Surveyors” by
                      Michael Kulish, PLS published in the Summer
                      2021 issue. Congratulations Mike.

          URGENT MESSAGE: From the Board of Registration for
        Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors
                                                                 We asked readers if anyone could identify who’s with
          Please  be  warned  of  a  person  known  to  be  operating   Duane  Hartman,  PLS  (on  the  right)  in  this  photo.  Kenny
        without a license as an engineer or land surveyor.      Hartman identified the man on the left as the party chief,
                                                                Clyde Clutter. The crew was running levels at Ross Dam.
          KENT J. HUXEL has been issued an Order to cease-and-
        desist all engineering and land surveying activities, but may
        still be attempting to work in these professions. If you have
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