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Turning Points

        Heroic WSDOT survey crew gives new mean-                 This amazing story reminds us just how tied to the com-
        ing to roadside assistance                             munity our roadworkers are. Many of them live in the same
                                                               communities they work and are deeply committed to helping
        Courtesy of the WSDOT Blog  By Angela Cochran          keep those areas safe, as Jeff and Garth’s actions show. We
                                                               are so grateful that they sprang into action to help a neigh-
                                                               bor. They don’t do this kind of work for recognition, but the
                                                               best way to say thanks to them or any of our road workers is
                                                               by being alert, slowing down, being patient and giving them

          When friends talk about putting out fires at work, usually
        they mean metaphorically. For one of our survey crews this
        past month, it was very much in the literal sense.
          Just  before  11  a.m.  on  Oct.  12,  Jeff  Karnes  and  Garth
        Gavette were doing routine survey work on State Route 507
        in Yelm when they suddenly found themselves in the middle
        of a brush fire. Jeff was operating the survey equipment and
        Garth was recording the information few hundred feet away   room to do their job. Help get them home safely.
        from him. Jeff looked down to type a code into his data
        collector machine and when he looked back up, he thought   Great job Jeff and Garth, we’re incredibly proud of you
        Garth was moving a little strangely.                   and your actions!
          “I saw Garth kind of stomping and looking like he was
        dancing around, and then I saw the flames,” Jeff said. He
        grabbed the fire extinguisher and started spraying. That’s   Top 10 most common passwords of 2022
                                                               Is yours among them?
        when they noticed three or four more fires breaking out
        all around them and they called the fire department. The   123456            5.    1234567   8.    111111
        dry conditions made it easy for the fire to quickly spread
        towards the neighboring property and some cows. Jeff’s   123456789           6.    12345678  9.    111111
        first thought was to notify the property owner but no one   Qwerty           7.    12345   10.  123123
        was home.
                                                                 Password            8.     Iloveu
          They jumped into action again and herded the cows into
        an adjoining field away from the fire. At the same time, they
        noticed the fire was also moving toward a horse shed. They
        found a garden hose and soaked the shed and surrounding           Reminder: Tire Chain Rules in WA
        grass to keep the fire away. Then firefighters arrived to take      Courtesy of the Washington State Patrol: For
        over for them.                                                    anyone planning to travel through winter con-
          The cause of the fire is unknown. Sometimes they can be         ditions for the holidays and into the new year.
        caused by something as simple as ashes from a stray cigarette       First of all, there are four signs to consider
        or sparks from chains dragging behind a passing vehicle.  when driving through passes and highways this winter:

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