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        •  We could write a letter to some of the larger jurisdictions describ-  essary, but also not necessarily inappropriate.
         ing a “best practices” approach on how to preserve monuments.  Multiple PLS numbers on boundary marker caps: it does not appear
        •  Monuments on the plans have a way better chance of survival so   to be a problem at this time.
         engineers need to understand the importance of showing existing   Gary Letzring mentioned that a city is having him pay prevailing
         monuments on construction plans.
                                                               wages for a crew who is tying and re-setting monuments. Discussion
        •  Monument preservation is more effective if in the contract, and the   took place with no action taken.
         contractor is responsible.                              FYI: The  Application  and  Permit  to  Remove  or  Destroy  a  Survey
          Paul will write a letter outlining “best practices” for reviewing pri-  Monument form has been slightly modified. Check the PLSO website
        vate and public plans with an eye toward monument preservation.   for the latest version.
        The PLSO will send it out on DNR letterhead to all jurisdictions.
                                                                 Update of GPS Guidebook 2004: Martin Paquette, although no lon-
          811 Washington: It is unlikely that the 811 organization will ever   ger on the SAB, is willing to be a project manager for the creation of
        treat monuments like utilities for locating purposes. A state-wide   this guidebook and rely on the expertise of others.
        monument “as-built” database might help.                 DNR PLSO Finances: The DNR projects that their 02A account will be
          Model BLA Ordinance: The latest draft version is V1.4. Comments   depleted by 2026. DNR has filed a CR-101 (Nov. 1) to raise the survey
        from various stakeholders have been addressed and are incorporated   map recording fee surcharge from the current $64 to $100. There will
        in the current version. The S.A.B.  may need to create a “Did You Know”   be a public meeting January 12, 2023 and a possibly effective date of
        article in lieu of a full-blown Model BLA Ordinance Need to remove a   July 1, 2023.
        portion that allows title companies to prepare BLAs.
                                                                 Questions to Board of Registration: The BRPELS believes that the
          Monument Preservation Legislation/PLSO Funding: The DNR has a   DNR has the authority to decide what goes on a Monument Removal
        list of legislation that they want to introduce in the 2023 Legislative   Permit and whether a Record of Survey is required.
        session. RCW 58.09.100, for instance, proposes to make the county   Pat Beehler announced that Bruce Dodds is in his final term of ser-
        commissioner’s recording surcharge a set fee. To reduce confusion,   vice on the SAB. Pat has begun a search for a replacement of the PE-
        the DNR has directed Pat Beehler to stop all efforts on the monument   PLS position on the SAB.
        preservation bill. LSAW will need to find other sponsors.
        New Items:                                             Next Meeting Date
                                                                The next meeting will be held January 26, 2022. The location is ten-
          Is it appropriate to have the depth of a monument in a legal de-
        scription? It was decided that it is unusual, and in most cases not nec-  tatively set to be at the PLSO facility in Tumwater. n

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