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WA DNR Survey Advisory Board

        Highlights of the minutes from Survey Advisory Board (SAB)

        Meetings held July 28 (Spokane) and October 27, 2022 (Tumwater)

        (NOTE: Combined, edited and abbreviated by the Editor.)

        Attendees physically and/or virtually present at one or both meetings: (Left to Right)
        Bruce Dodds, PE-PLS, S.A.B. Chair, Multi-Discipline representative to the S.A.B.
        Paul Galli, PLS, Government representative to the S.A.B.
        Gary Letzring, PLS, Urban Surveying representative to the S.A.B.
        Erielle Lamb, PLS, Rural Surveying representative to the S.A.B.
        Bob Morse, PLS – Education representative to the S.A.B.
        Pat Beehler, PLS – State Surveyor                      Ryan Tessier – PLSO Staff
        Vicky Dalton – WSACA Spokane Co. Auditor               Tamara King, PLS – Snohomish County
        David Icenhower, PLS – Manager, PLSO                   Matthew Walck – PLSO Staff
        Walt Dale – Benthin & Associates, Spokane              Selva Lukatah – WSDOT
        Ann Alves, LSIT – PLSO Staff                           Casey Kaul, WSACA (Pierce County Auditor)
        Kris Horton, PLS – City of Olympia Surveyor            Larry Signani, PLS – NV5
        Dennis Studeman – PLSO Staff                           Thomas Barger – LSAW Liaison
        Shawn Bohlinger – Benton County                        Martin Paquette, PLS – Renton Tech College
        Lynn McCauley – PLSO Staff                             Bud Brewer
        Brett Flippo, PLS – Kennewick Irrigation Dist.         Kim Eisenbacher WSACA (Pierce Co. Auditor)
        Monument perpetuation and Professional Development       Records Indexed: Since the April 28 meeting: Indexed into WebX-
        Hours (PDH) program report:                             tender 6,631 current surveys received from the counties; 4,837 back-
                                                                logged recorded maps; and 114 historic records.
          79 LCRs have been submitted
                                                                 Donated records obtained: Dobbs & Fox in Seattle; digital records
          270 Permits to Remove or Destroy have been submitted
                                                                of Triad & Associates (now part of DEA) from 1978-2000; some records
          185 Completion reports have been submitted            from Jerry Olson; Sadler & Barnard (Puyallup); digital records of Fore-
          PDH Program participants: Robert DeVink – Naming/filing records   sight Surveying (Chehalis); and about 1,000 digital records of Weyer-
        of Ruskin-Fisher by S-T-R and John Hoxeng – Naming files from What-  haeuser from Kevin Schinnell.
        com County area by S-T-R.                                Record collections being pursued: City of Bremerton re: Gunner
          Washington State Association of County Auditors (WSACA) report:   Fridriksson, PLS; Harmsen records. (now owned by a group in Tennes-
        There is a plan to redact racially improper statements from existing   see); San Juan Surveying re: the Thalacker collection.
        recorded maps; the WSACA would like a guide regarding the accep-  Outreach concerning monument destruction: Prevailing thoughts
        tance of colored ink on recorded maps; the King & Thurston Co. record   on the best way to disseminate monument preservation laws, meth-
        sections are changing their physical locations. All records should be   ods and stepped-up enforcement are:
        digital so that no handwriting is needed on maps.
                                                                •  Enforcement difficult & often ineffective. “Due process” laws ham
          Status of the Did You Know? Articles: The article regarding the phys-  per the ability of the BRPELS to enforce minor issues.
        ical description and history of found and/or replaced monuments is
        complete. To be revised to stress the need for surveyors to submit a   •  Education is the key.
        Monument Permit in cases where survey monuments are in jeopardy   •  We should ask the local jurisdictions what works for them.
        of destruction.
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