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• There was a long discussion about how to address unlicensed   portion of minimally competent examinees who would correctly
          practice of surveying, and the marking of lines between corners.   answer the item. The next step in the process is to gather a new set
          The Committee will be working on whether there needs to be   of SME’s to beta test the exam before the questions make it on to a
          amendments to the survey standards in WAC 196-29-110  new exam form. I would like to thank the PLS SMEs for their help in
        From the minutes of the BRPELS Board meeting - June 22, 2023:  the February meeting.
                                                               Deputy Director Retiring
                                                               by Greg Schieferstein, Communication and Outreach Manager
                                                                                       Deputy Director RICH LARSON, PLS,
                                                                                     announces his upcoming retirement,
                                                                                     from his position with the Washington
                                                                                     State  Board  of  Registration  for  Profes-
                                                                                     sional Engineers and Land Surveyors.
                                                                                     Rich has served in the position for al-
                                                                                     most 3 years, beginning in July of 2020.
                                                                                       “Rich has been instrumental in help-
                                                                                     ing in our transition to our own agency,
        Stipulated Findings of Fact, Conclusion of Law and                           after we left the Department of Licens-
        Agreed Order:                                                                ing,” said Agency Director, Ken Fuller,
          That effective May 31, 2023,  Peter Jonas, WA PLS No. 37551, has           PE. “Rich has a long list of accomplish-
        agreed to permanently RETIRE his license in lieu of disciplinary ac-         ments,” he continued,  “setting up our
        tion and is prohibited from the practice of land surveying, and will   office, expanding outreach, building agency contacts and assisting
        not practice or offer to practice land surveying while retired. Mr. Jo-  investigations.
        nas will not reinstate or apply for reinstatement of his professional   ”Rich says he will miss the people in his daily work, but looks for-
        license.                                               ward to retirement. “I have several projects to keep me busy, includ-
        From the Spring/Summer 2023 Board Journal:             ing work on my property, survey consulting and my music.”
        Exam Question Review                                     As Deputy Director for the agency, Rich has provided manage-
        by James Wengler, Board Member, PLS, CFedS             ment support, guidance on applying state statues, rules and poli-
                              The Professional Land Surveyor (PLS)   cies on engineering, land surveying and On-Site practice. He also
                             Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) review   supported staff with exams and investigations. Rich’s last day will
                             workshop was held both in Olympia and   be at the end of May.
                             virtually, on February 2-3.  The meeting
                             completed the review of previously writ-
                             ten questions which resided in our item
                             bank. The questions were first mapped to
                             the appropriate domain, subdomain and
                             knowledge area, which were previously
                             determined by another group of SMEs
                             who performed a Job Task Analysis (JTA).
                              The SME’s evaluated each question for
                             relevancy and clarity and the answers for
        correctness. The incorrect answers were also reviewed to determine   Formal Actions by the Board:
        if they were good distracters. The answer and where it can be found   Unlicensed Land Surveying
        (reference)  was  documented  with  each  question  along  with  the   Kent Huxel 2021-08-2070-00LSV/2022-10-1445-00LSV
        date and the SME’s that participated. If the question was ambigu-  This investigation was opened based on a complaint alleging an
        ous it was rewritten by the group. If the question was out of date or   individual, Mr. Kent Huxel was practicing professional land survey-
        tested other than minimum competency, it was removed from the   ing without a license. Mr. Huxel was doing business as Geomatic
        item bank.                                             Precision Systems, LLC, and Kent Huxel Engineering. Mr. Huxel is not
          Once the questions and answers were acceptable to the group,   licensed to practice land surveying or engineering in the State of
        an Angoff score was applied to the question. This method uses the   Washington.
        SMEs, who are asked to evaluate each item and estimate the pro-  Mr. Huxel signed a contract to perform land surveying services
                                                               for a landowner and performed land surveying services under that
                                                                 Mr. Huxel affixed the seal/stamp/signature of a deceased profes-
                                                               sional land surveyor, Brian G. Raaum, to a survey he provided to the
                                                               landowner. A search of King County Superior Court records found
                                                               Mr. Raaum, was deceased at the time Mr. Huxel affixed the seal/
                                                               stamp/ signature.
                                                               Image on the left: (L to R) JON WARREN, RICH LARSON,
                                                               JIM WENGLER, BILL VERNON, CHRIS BROWN, (not pictured)
                                                               TOM BARGER, JUSTIN HOLT and TIM KENT.
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