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By: Aaron Blaisdell and James Wengler


        EDITORS NOTE: Only those items deemed relevant to land surveyors (and I get to choose) have been extracted from the BRPELS meeting
        minutes posted online.

        From the Special Board Meeting Minutes – April 6, 2023  Minutes of the April 27, 2023 Board meeting:
         • Board Staff to withdraw the CR101 for amendments to WAC 196-  • Mr. Fuller reported on the retirement of Deputy Director, Mr. Lar-
          29 and file a new CR101 with the Code Reviser’s Office which pro-  son. Mr. Fuller explained that board staff are working with Mr. Lar-
          vides a broader statement of the board objectives.     son to prepare for his exit through training and hand-off of duties.
        From the minutes of the Exam Qualification Committee–    The board discussed the benefits of having a licensee in the role
        April 17, 2023                                           of Deputy Director. Board staff will soon begin recruitment for the
                                                                 Deputy Director position.
         • Recommended PLS exam cut score from Survey Committee of 27
          correct out of 40:                                   From the minutes of the Practice Committee - June 21, 2023:
          • Therefore 18 passing for a 50% pass rate            • OSU sent an email requesting their Civil Engineering program
                                                                 (being ABET accredited for engineering) to meet the require-
         From the minutes of the Survey Committee – April 18, 2023  ments for approval to take the LSIT plus an additional 16 hrs in
          • Discussion on County Monument Preservation Policy    Geomatics. Ken & Vonna will discuss further with OSU.
             Mr. Wengler informed the committee that he attended the    • Action Item: Request to Survey Committee to create a blueprint
             Clallam County Board of County Commissioners meeting     of required courses acceptable for approval to take the LSIT.
             and gave his support of their County Monument Preserva    From the minutes of the June 21, 2023 Executive Committee:
             tion Policy. Mr. Fuller stated he would like to see the Board
             work with the County Roads Administration Board (CRAB)    • Mr. Fuller reported the recruitment period for the Deputy Direc-
             to use the policy as a template in case other counties want    tor position has closed, and three licensed individuals applied for
             to use it.                                          the position. Interviews will be scheduled within the next couple
                                                                 of weeks. He would like to see 2 board members be involved in
             Mr. Galli suggested that professional engineers put monu    the interview process. Ms. Lund will be one of the members, but
             ments on their design plans just as they do with utilities,   the second member hasn’t been named at this time. If the person
             and that this should be part of the close out of projects,      hired is not a Professional Land Surveyor, discussions on how to
             showing how the preservation of monuments is        fill that expertise will have to take place.
             accomplished after construction.
                                                               Minutes of the Survey Committee meeting - June 21, 2023:
              The committee determined that more outreach/education
             needs to happen reminding licensees what the laws and     • Review/discussion: DNR rule revisions – WAC 332-130-080 & WAC
             rules say.  They discussed partnering with other agencies     332-120-070 A discussion of the proposed draft language for
             and associations to get the message out.            WAC 332-130-080 was held. The Committee felt that most profes-
                                                                 sional land surveyors are putting a statement about the analysis
             A “Best Practices” letter will be drafted by Mr. Wengler, Mr.    used but are not stating what was achieved. Mr. Wengler offered
             Blaisdell, Mr. Larson, and Mr. Schieferstein.  Comments will    to provide example language he uses on his surveys to the DNR
             be sought from Mr. Barger and Mr. Galli.  The draft letter will    and committee members.
             be forwarded to Ms. Lagerberg.   The draft letter will be
             presented at the next committee meeting in June.   • The committee discussed the proposed language for WAC 332-
                                                                 120-060 & 070 and were in opposition to it. Mr. Fuller was directed
         • Nevada Association of Land Surveyors Correspondence – Pro-  to set up a meeting with Committee members, Pat Beehler and
          posed NV State-Specific Exam elimination               David Icenhower of DNR to discuss and provide comment on the
              A copy of correspondence was in the packet.        proposed language.
              The committee was told elimination of state specific exams    • Discuss & draft monument preservation letter: Mr. Galli informed
              is a national trend and this issue will be monitored.   the Committee that he will provide a “best practices” draft letter
         • Strategic Planning Items                              to the Committee members again. The Committee will review
              • Determine the pathways to state specific PLS exam  the letter and provide edits/comments. It will be discussed at the
              • Work with DNR on the Survey Recording Act and associated   next committee meeting.
              WACs to determine our regulatory direction for “intelligent   •  WAC 196-29-110 – draft language
              interpretation” and other items

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