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A Message

                                From the President

                                by: Tony Chenier, PLS

        Dear Members of the Land Surveyor’s Association of Washington,

          hope this letter finds you well as we enter the busy summer season. With the construc-
        I tion season in full swing, I understand that everyone will be engrossed in their work,   WELCOME NEW MEMBERS
        and most chapters may not have regular meetings during these critical months.  ASSOCIATE MEMBERS

          I am writing to share some exciting news and experiences I have had as the President   Micah Bell, Ravensdale WA
        of our esteemed organization. Over the past few months, I had the privilege of attending   Nicholas Johnson, Seattle WA
        four different conferences, each of which was a valuable and enriching experience. Our   Travis Kay, Ravensdale WA
        own conference held in Spokane was a resounding success, bringing together surveyors   Chris Madison, Ravensdale WA
        from all over the Northwest to gain knowledge while maintaining a sense of camaraderie   Michael Mueller, Seattle WA
        within our community. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to participate in the NSPS   Tommy Oliver, Olympia WA
        meeting and Day on the Hill in Washington, D.C., where I engaged in productive dis-  Greg Schieferstein, Olympia WA
        cussions and advocated for the interests of our profession at a national level. Attending
        the Alberta Land Surveyor’s Association conference in Banff was also a memorable ex-  REGULAR MEMBERS
        perience, as it provided an excellent platform for networking and knowledge exchange   Tyler Duncan, Pasco WA
        with our Canadian counterparts. Lastly, the FIG Working Week in Orlando proved to be   Rynea Edwards, Chehalis WA
        an incredible opportunity to explore global perspectives on surveying and connect with   Andrew Plett, Vancouver WA
        professionals from around the world.                                           Mark Plog, Maple Valley WA
          I am immensely grateful for the chance to represent our association at these signifi-  Thomas Roorda, Port Angeles, WA
        cant events. It is crucial for LSAW to maintain an active involvement and strong represen-
        tation in such gatherings. These conferences not only broaden
        our horizons but also keep us up to date with the latest ad-
        vancements, innovations, and challenges in our field. I strongly
        encourage our association to continue supporting the partici-
        pation of our representatives in the future.
          During my term, I have been fortunate to visit several chap-
        ters and witness firsthand the dedication and passion of our
        active members. However, I acknowledge that there are still
        chapters I have not had the opportunity to visit. I would like to
        offer an earnest request to those chapters to kindly extend an
        invitation to me. I am committed to making a genuine effort
        to visit all chapters this year and foster stronger connections
        within our association.
          In conclusion, as we continue through  the busy summer,
        I want to express my gratitude for your support and commit-
        ment to our profession and association. Together, we can con-
        tinue to strengthen the field of land surveying and elevate its
        significance in our communities. Should you have any concerns,
        suggestions, or ideas, please do not hesitate to reach out to me
        or any member of the executive board.
          Wishing you a productive and successful summer season,

        -Tony Chenier, PLS n

        www . LSA W. or g                                                                                          5
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