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            Claude Buckner, representing Seattle City Engineer Roy Morse:   letter from LSAW be sent to Representative Stewart Bledsoe, one of the
          They only thing I would say is that if House Bill 65 is passed then I   sponsors of the bill, expressing the views of this organization and urging
          don’t think we have a problem. If it is not passed then I think it would   all possible support that could expedite early passage of the bill.”
          be helpful to at least have some identification on the  --- not so much   Jan. 21, 1972  –  From  the  minutes  of  the  LSAW  Board  of Trustees
          plat corners, but on the other points the surveyor might set because   Meeting held at the Holiday Inn, SeaTac International: “Warren Kroger
          as Mr. Kirkwood said we have the plat recorded, and we know who   reported that the Survey Recording Act never made it out of committee
          set the monuments and we know the circumstances, but there are   and will not be passed this year.
          other cases, or at least we find it so in the City, where we will go to a
          corner and find as many as four points. None of them identified and   Jerry Olson, President of the new Lower Columbia Chapter discussed
          how do you know who set them or anything about them. So in this   some of the problems in his area. The Clark County Commissioners want
          case I would say that it would be desirable to have some identifica-  to pass a County Survey Recording Act since it is obvious that the pro-
          tion on each one. But if this is passed it would solve the problem.  posed State Recording Act will not be passed this year. This new County
            Carl Berry, Chair,  Advisory Board for Surveys and Maps: Of   Recording Act supposedly will alleviate some of the problems that they
          course your committee is only concerned with plats.  have been encountering. The Lower Columbia Chapter has been asked by
                                                               the commissioners to write or help write the bill.”
            Claude Buckner: Yes.                                 It seemed like every time the bill got close to moving forward, some-
            John Bracy, Chair & past-President LSAW: Mr. Chairman, it   one else comes out of the woodwork to oppose it. Frustrations grew and
          might be helpful if this committee knew exactly what the status of   there was a growing sentiment that maybe it was time to give up and try
          this is. This House Bill 65, at the moment. I was in contact with the   a different approach.
          Secretary of the Interim Committee on Legislation about two to three   Recollections by Pat Beehler in an Email to Dave Berg
          weeks ago, in regard to House Bill 65. The Land Surveyors’ Asso-  I didn’t know anything about the Survey Recording Act until I went to
          ciation of Washington wrote the bill, presented it at the first session
          last year and it had quite a few objections by major land owners.   work in January 1972 with Howard Bray at “The Bureau Surveys and
          Our committee worked very closely with these large land holders.   Maps”. I recall that by that time the idea for a Survey Recording Act
          We submitted this as a matter of fact to the second session. It was   had been kicked around by LSAW and Surveys and Maps for a while.
          turned over to the Interim Committee. The Interim Committee has   Surveys and Maps took on the responsibility to write the legislation.
          some questions in regard to the bill. We did some polishing and some   The people on the Bureau’s Advisory Board included Carl Berry Sr.,
          re-wording and finally there were two questions yet to be resolved.   John Kahaniak, Lou McCollum, Fred Snelgrove, and Vic Payne.
          One was that they had not at the time gotten an opinion from the   Howard and I worked on some of the drafts and revisions during 1972.
          Attorney General, and the other one was that some legislators felt in   I remember one legislative hearing in Seattle when the State
          their minds that land surveyors were asking to become notaries. This   Highway Dept. had their lobbyist push to introduce an amendment
          refers to this portion where it gives us the power to take oaths and   that eliminated the requirement for government agencies to comply.
          record oaths on the survey document.                   He threatened that if the amendment wasn’t passed, Transportation
            I was informed by the Secretary of the Interim Committee that the   would kill the bill. When the bill came up for a hearing in Olympia I
          Attorney General’s opinion has come back to the committee and it is   invited a surveyor friend who wasn’t a member of LSAW to come down
          a very favorable opinion, and the committee then was satisfied from   and testify. It was John Thalacker from Friday Harbor. When he got up
          that standpoint and the only thing then that was left was this matter   to testify Bracy and other LSAW members turned around and stared at
          of oaths. The Secretary told me that if there was some way that we   John trying to figure out just who he was.
          could get over that one hurdle that we could not stop it in the next     January – February 1973 – The Survey Re-
          session. I assured him that I did not know of any land surveyor that    cording Act is introduced in the Legislature as
          would not gladly strip that portion out. Because it really does not     House Bill 284 and is passed in the House on
          affect the bill one iota. If they have serious objections to the oaths we   February 16, 1973 and in the Senate on Febru-
          can take that out. He said that as far as the committee was concerned   ary 27. The bill is signed by Governor Daniel
                                    there would  be  no problem.                  Evans on March 7, 197 and takes effect on June
                                    They are going to hold a public               7 ,  1973.  To  the  surprise  of  many  surveyors
                                                                                  it includes a revocation-of-license  clause for
                                    hearing the middle of June or                 non-compliance. v
                                    the first part of July. Our com-
                                    mittee from the Land Surveyors’
                                    Association - - the Legislative
                                    Committee from the Land Sur-
                                    veyors’ Association  will  be in-
                                    formed of that meeting and they
                                    will attend it and at that time we   EDITORS NOTE:
                                    hope to have everything ironed   The first recorded survey in
          out in the bill, so it looks to all of us who have worked on it as though   King County, Volume1, Page 1
          it will be a pretty good thing in this session .      was filed June 12, 1973.
            Carl Berry: That is very encouraging to hear that. As far as the   Stay tuned for Part Two
          oaths are concerned I think that would only impose a hardship on   in the next issue of your
          the land surveyor because in the years of my practice I have perhaps   Evergreen State Surveyor
          picked a farmer up and taken him to town to have him swear some-  magazine.
          thing before a notary about maybe 15 or 20 times . It may take a little
          time from the job but it really doesn’t make that much difference.
          Jan. 15, 1971 – From the minutes of the LSAW Board of Trustees eet-
        ing held in Tacoma, WA: “Warren Kroger, Chairman of the Legislative
        Committee reported on the status of the “Survey Recording Act” now pre-
        filed as House Bill No. 76. A motion was made, seconded and carried that

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