Serving The Surveying Community in Washington

Land Surveyors' Association of Washington (LSAW)

is a professional organization representing over 1500 individuals practicing in the various disciplines of surveying. LSAW provides a means to keep our members informed of changes in laws, regulations, and rapidly changing technology. We work together to protect the principles and practices upon which surveying was founded.

LSAW Leadership

Board of Trustees

The business and affairs of the Corporation shall be managed by the Board of Trustees. This Board of Trustees is comprised of five Officer Trustees referred to as the Executive Committee, plus two Trustees from each membership chapter. Click here to view the Board of Trustees


Local Chapters are the heartbeat of LSAW. These Chapters are the forum to resolve conflicts and respond to proposed ordinance changes affecting zoning, comprehensive plans, subdivision and platting regulations, and land development in general. Click here to view LSAW Chapters

Contact LSAW

LSAW Executive Office
T. (888) 994-2845



Our Mission


The Land Surveyors' Association of Washington is committed to promoting the profession and science of surveying for the benefit of its members and the public. We promote lifelong learning, high standards of ethics and practice, legislative leadership, and community involvement.

Strategic Plan


The LSAW Strategic Plan is a list is of where, when and what we think LSAW should be headed toward. This plan will be used as a directional guide only. The elements contained within are subject to a varied array of influences, many beyond our vision, ability and control. It is with this basic understanding we drafted this plan. Download the LSAW Strategic Plan.

Code of Ethics

Fundamental Principles

Professional Land Surveyors uphold and advance the integrity, honor, and dignity of the land surveyors' profession by:Using their knowledge and skill for the enhancement of human welfare;

  1. Being honest and impartial, and serving with fidelity the public, their employers and clients;
  2. Striving to increase the competence and prestige of the land surveyors' profession; and
  3. Supporting the professional and technical societies of their disciplines.

Fundamental Canons

  1. Professional Land Surveyors shall hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public in the performance of their professional duties.
  2. Professional Land Surveyors shall perform services only in the areas of their competence.
  3. Professional Land Surveyors shall issue public statements only in an objective and truthful manner.
  4. Professional Land Surveyors shall act in professional matters for each employer or client as faithful agents or trustees, and shall avoid conflicts of interest.
  5. Professional Land Surveyors shall build their professional reputations on the merit of their services.
  6. Professional Land Surveyors shall act in such a manner as to uphold and enhance the honor, integrity, and dignity of their profession.
  7. Professional Land Surveyors shall continue their professional development throughout their careers and shall provide opportunities for the professional development of those under their supervision.



Antitrust Policy


The antitrust laws of the United States and the State of Washington support the American system of free enterprise by preserving competition and promoting competitive practices, while prohibiting acts that injure competition.

Trade associations such as the Land Surveyors' Association of Washington are made up in substantial part of business competitors who join together at Association meetings to take action to benefit the entire industry represented by the Association. Any meeting or joint action of business competitors has the potential for generating violations of federal and state antitrust laws, whether the violations are intentional or inadvertent.

Accordingly, the Land Surveyors' Association of Washington Board of Trustees, by motion 08-18 and resolution of August 16, 2008, has adopted the following as the antitrust policy of the Land Surveyors' Association of Washington, to be binding upon its Trustees, Officers, Committee Chairs, Members and staff:

It is the policy of the Land Surveyors' Association of Washington to comply strictly with those laws which relate to the conduct of its activities, including the antitrust laws of the United States and the State of Washington.  All Association members, officers, and staff must conform their statements and actions to antitrust laws which may be applicable to Association activities.

For example, conformance with the antitrust policy of the Land Surveyors' Association of Washington means that no Member, Officer, Trustee, Committee Chair or staff shall intentionally or unintentionally agree to:

The policy also means that the Land Surveyors' Association of Washington Trustees, Officers, Members, Committee Chairs and staff should avoid discussions and actions concerning: (1) Membership restrictions where the denial of membership to an applicant may constitute a restraint of trade because such a denial may limit the ability of the applicant to compete; and (2) Standardization and certification where application of a standard or grant of certification favors some competitors and discriminates against others.

As an additional example, conformance with the policy means that the Association and its Trustees, Officers, Members, Committee Chairs and staff shall not use the power of the Association to compel or prohibit certain acts or practices of its members where to do so violates the antitrust laws.

Because of the scope of the antitrust laws and the variety of factual circumstances that can give rise to an antitrust violation, the foregoing examples are not exhaustive and any questions involving Association or individual conduct and antitrust compliance shall be brought to the attention of the President of the Association.

The Executive Director of the Association shall distribute a copy of this policy via paper copy, email, web link, or otherwise, to each Director, Officer, Committee Chair, Member and staff of the Association and to each new Director, Officer, Committee Chair, Member and staff at commencement of the term of service of each.