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The business and affairs of the Corporation shall be managed by the Board of Trustees. This Board of Trustees is comprised of five Officer Trustees referred to as the Executive Committee, plus two Trustees from each membership chapter.

The five Officer Trustees elected to the Executive Committee shall be Professional Land Surveyors currently licensed by the State of Washington who have served at least one year on the Board of Trustees.

The Trustees elected by the chapters shall be Professional Land Surveyors currently licensed by the State of Washington. Each Trustee shall serve until he is removed, replaced by an elected successor, or resigns from office. Leadership updated March 2015.

Executive Committee

Elected by the Board of Trustees to conduct the business of the state association. The Executive Director and the Editor are non-voting ex officio members.

Officer Name
President John Christensen
President Elect Carla Meritt
Vice President D. Weston Dorszynski
Secretary Tom Brewster
Treasurer John Thalacker
Past President Mike McEvilly

State Committees

Appointed by the President to conduct specific business to be reviewed by the Board of Trustees.

Officer Name
2022 Datum Tom Barger
AELC Liaison Jon Warren
AELC Alternate Mel Garland
Arb/Ethics Vacant
Board of Registration Liaison Tom Barger
Budget John Christensen
Bylaws Review and Update Ron Torrence
Condominium Act/Barr Assn Bruce Towle
DNR PLSO Advisory Board Liaison Mel Garland
Education James Coan
ESS Chris Royak
Foundation Liaison Ken Swindaman
George F. Walker Scholarship Bill Glassey
GIS/LIS Liaison Michael Kulish
GPS Larry Signani
GPS Alternate James McLefresh
Historical Society Vacant
IRWA Liaison Rick Dickman
Member Recruitment Wes Dorszynski
Monument Preservation Doug Casement
Nominations Vacant
NSPS Dues Funding Pat Beehler
NSPS Governor James A. Coan
OIT Liaison Bryan Thorp
PLSO Funding Pat Beehler
Prevailing Wage Mike Root
Prevailing Wage Ben Petersen
Publicity/Public Relations Vacant
Reference Manual Vacant
Special Projects Ken Swindaman
State Meetings Amanda Askren
Strategic Plan Update Vacant
Student Outreach Mike McEvilly
Survey Advisory Board Liaison John Thomas
Surveyor & Assoc. of the Year James Coan
Trig Star Rich Lang
Update Definition Aaron Blaisdell
WAC Proposals Ken Paul
Walker Golf Tournament Greg Brooks
WCCS Liaison Paul Galli
WFPS Rep Ben Petersen
WGS Liaison Jeff Hoiland
WSR Bill Review Vacant

Chapter Trustees

Representatives elected from each chapter to conduct the business of the state association.

Cascade Columbia

Officer Name
President Jason Rinehart
Vice President Tim Fries
Secretary Tim Fries
Treasurer Joe Baker
Trustee Don Leischner

Inland Empire

Officer Name
President Duane Zimmerman
Vice President Peter Kruse
Secretary Rudy Kitzan
Treasurer Jon Gordon
Trustee Todd Emerson

Lower Columbia

Officer Name
President Paul Galli
Vice President
Secretary Howard Richardson
Treasurer John Thatcher
Trustee Jeff Lynch

North Central

Officer Name
President Mark Sele
Vice President Todd Wilson
Secretary Nick Martinez
Treasurer Nick Martinez
Trustee Eric Gahringer

North Olympic

Officer Name
President Larry Pederson
Treasurer Brian Cays
Trustee Mike Dunphy

North Puget Sound

Officer Name
President Tom Barger
Secretary Kerman Kermoade
Treasurer Ellen Buck-Reifenrath
Trustee Doug Vogt


Officer Name
President Grant Tolton
Secretary Wes Thomas
Treasurer Tom Todd
Trustee Tom Todd


Officer Name
President Jesse Allen
Secretary Chris Jepson
Treasurer Ray Peterson
Trustee Paul Darrow


Officer Name
President Mike Lynch
Secretary Mary McDowell
Treasurer Greg Brooks
Trustee Steve Bratz

South Central

Officer Name
President Donald Wieber
Vice President Darrell Sowards
Secretary Donald Wieber
Treasurer Larry Barbus
Trustee Darrell Sowards

South Puget Sound

Officer Name
President Desi Schilling
Vice President Jeff Moog
Secretary Nate Green
Treasurer Greg Dussault
Trustee Desi Schilling


Officer Name
President Kate Schalk
Vice President -
Secretary Lorna Anderson
Treasurer Steve Ivey
Trustee Pat Beehler